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Independent Structural Airworthiness Advisor (ISAA)

Our ISAAs work on client sites and remotely to provide prompt advice to engineering delivery teams. It is our rapid engagement and subsequent independent advice that has proved invaluable to our customers in gaining immediate SME structural airworthiness advice that has assisted TAAs in making well informed airworthiness decisions. Typically, our ISAA advisors provide support in the following aspects of SI:


Operational Data Recording (ODR)

Our ISAAs understand in detail the MOD MAA Regulation (RA5720) requirement for each helicopter type in service to carry out Operational Loads and Usage Validation via a suitable and appropriately scoped Operational Data Recording (ODR) programme. We support TAAs with the development of an ODR strategy and assessment of Usage data.


Statement of Operating Intent and Usage (SOIU)

Our ISAAs carry out expert independent annual and triennial review, comment and update of platform SOIUs with the support of and in conjunction with one to one Aircrew interview panels chaired by our ISAA team Test Pilot.


Ageing Aircraft Audit (AAA)

Our ISAAs develop bespoke AAA strategies and plans that meet the regulatory guidelines in RA5723 and subsequently deliver full audits to enable platform TAAs to quantify the airworthiness risk due to the platform ageing.

Independent Technical Evaluation (ITE)

TAAs require our ISAAs to ITE on a range of SI related issues (e.g. Release to Service changes, repairs, modifications, design changes, urgent operational airworthiness and structural damage issues and many more aspects concerned with maintaining platform SI).

Independent Structural Airworthiness Advisor
(Rotary/Fixed Wing & Unmanned Air Systems)

We support MoD DE&S Delivery Teams with our team of highly specialist expert Independent Structural Airworthiness Advisors (ISAA).  Our ISAAs provide independent Structural Airworthiness advice and support to Platform Technical Airworthiness Authorities (TAA) on all Structural Integrity (SI) aspects through life in accordance with Military Airworthiness Authority (MAA) Regulation (RA 5720).

Our ISAAs are key members of Structural, Propulsion and Systems Integrity Working Groups and through active participation at these forums our ISAAs inform the TAA’s assessment of the status of SI of the platform.  An essential element of this assurance process is to have a periodic review of the manner in which the aircraft is operated; to confirm that usage assumptions, and thus component lives remain valid.  This requirement is achieved initially by having an independent review of the Statement of Operating Intent and Usage (SOIU).

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