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Design Services

Software Development

Aviation Requirements has developed bespoke software tools in support of Air Platform Airworthiness Management and decision making. Recent examples of our work has included; a Usage Monitoring Analysis Tool to enable aircraft manoeuvre spectrum usage data to be analysed and compared with the aircraft Design Usage Spectrum.

Furthermore, this usage spectrum data enables our ISAAs to work closely with our customers and advise on sortie profile/fleet rotation and the potential effect on fatigue life associated with divergences. We also work closely with our customers in a Subject Matter Expert (SME) capacity where Design Organisation engagement is ultimately required.

Another example of recent work, has been the development of a bespoke dynamic Structural Database tool. The launch platform has been the Puma HC Mk2 helicopter. The tool enables a complete visual representation of three dimensional repairs and modifications per tail number, thereby enabling full visual analyses of aircraft structural repairs and modifications. The database tool is compliant with MOD Regulations (RA5720) requirements.

In parallel, Aviation Requirements has developed the Next Generation Aircraft Materiel Management System (NAMMS) for the Lightning DT (F35B) which has been introduced as a repository to securely manage all airworthiness artefacts; ITE, safety, Hazards, RTS, configuration, ESOH and certification materiel. Recognising that key individuals can be over-burdened with the quantity of materiel produced in a modern 5th Generation platform, a key capability of NAMMS is its ability to generate a “Hazard On A Page” (HOAP) providing an abridged hazard analysis brief to the LOAA, TAA, DH chain but with an ability to immediately read deeper behind any aspect as required.


In conjunction with our wholly owned subsidiary, Airframe Systems Limited, we have significant experience in aerodynamic design, flight physics, analysis and design optimisation; including modelling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation.

We are experienced in the determination of flight vehicle stability and control aerodynamic characteristics in all Mach number regimes, as well as determination of vehicle component airloads; including vehicle airload distributions from initial concept studies through to in-service design solutions.


Our team of highly experienced Design Engineers in conjunction with our wholly owned subsidiary, Airframe Systems Limited, deliver early Conceptual, Detail design and optimisation solutions that de-risk projects; including advanced structural analysis and evidence of structural integrity for certification.

We tailor our support from conceptual vehicle programmes through to the in-service support of ageing structures. Our structural analysis, design and optimisation solutions underpin the structural integrity of platforms, de-risk projects and support structural compliance and certification.

Services include: Classical and Finite Element static strength analysis and fatigue analysis (Fracture Mechanics and Safe Life) of metallic and composite structures. We also have experience of in the airworthiness and structural analysis of full scale impact analyses, e.g. ‘bird strike’

Our Structural Integrity Engineers regularly analyse and report on failure analyses of metallic and composite structures to enable our customers to understand failure modes and fleet wide mitigation actions as well as Structural Health Monitoring, including the design of monitoring equipment installation.

The team have significant experience in the design of airframe Repair Schemes, Modifications and Installations on in-service aircraft platforms through-life including the development of a 3-dimensional, fully interactive structural repair database to provide our customers with a holistic view of the platform structural health on an individual or fleet basis.

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